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Firearms Safety in D.C.

DC Security Associates is located in the heart of DC just 2 blocks from the White House. DCSA specializes in DC firearm ownership compliance process, firearm training and safety, and maintenance services. We are a strong supporter of our local citizens being trained in the safe handling and operations of firearms. 

DCSA was founded with two guiding principles in mind: to promote the enjoyment of shooting sports, regardless of age, and to provide customers with the best possible service and experience when it comes to selecting their next firearm.


We provide an affordable, alternative training solution for shooters to gain the needed marksmanship skills to improve accuracy, decision making and comfort when using a firearm.   


Whether you are prior military/law enforcement professionals, pro shooters or new shooters our shooting simulator will help you enhance the skills needed for personal defense and sporting. 

Whether you’re a first timer or veteran, we invite everyone to stop by and check us out!

Training Services


About The Team

Our team is composed of military and law enforcement veterans with combined experiences of over 40 years. Our resident experts include former Anti-Terrorism Force Protection officers, USMC marksmanship instructors, NRA instructors, USMC Rifle team members, retired Metropolitan Police Department officers, etc.


Our team is not only knowledgeable on the law and regulations regarding the safe handling of your firearms, "the basic Do's and Dont's,"  and the laws governing ownership; we are also proficient in functional aspects of firearm marksmanship to provide you the training and confidence needed to effectively handle you firearm.   


We are accessible and ready to help the public with their firearm needs.

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